Study Skills Tutoring

With our study skills program, your child gets the individual help he or she needs at the personal pace that works best. We will work on study skills, with your child, in context with his/her school work. Depending on needs, our program covers the following skill sets:

  • Study strategies to become an independent and effective student.
  • School time management tips and organizational habits to better manage time and responsibilities.
  • Active reading strategies, including reading comprehension strategies, to read better in every class.
  • Active listening strategies and presentation skills to communicate clearly.
  • Effective note taking strategies and how to use study tools, such as flash cards and color coding, to study efficiently and improve test scores.
  • Test taking strategies to take tests and quizzes with confidence, tackle different types of tests and manage testing anxiety.
  • How to research effectively, such as learning how to research a topic, evaluate sources and write a bibliography.
  • How to write effectively, such as mastering all the steps of the writing process.
  • How to be safe online, such as learning how to locate, evaluate and share digital information responsibly and other tips on how to be safe on the internet.

We will

  • Give your child the study skills tools he/she can carry through their academic career.
  • Teach strategies to make assignments, projects and studying for tests and quizzes much more manageable.
  • Instill positive behaviors and attitudes..

We will work with your child in-home, at the library or online.