How is Fairfield County Test Prep different?

We offer a more personable service.

We prepare high school students to do well on the SAT and ACT. The ACT/SAT is the biggest single test for determining whether good colleges will select the student.

Ivy Bound also helps with AP preparation, SAT Subject Tests, Academics, Grad School Exams and much more. We offer classes, semi-private tutoring, and private tutoring.

How many hours do I need to prepare for the SAT & ACT?

We offer in-home and online tutoring.  For SAT prep, we recommend 27 – 33 hours over 9 – 12 weeks (1.5 – 2 hour sessions). Students should plan to begin 3 – 5 months prior to their target SAT date, and know there is nothing wrong with starting earlier, so long as the student has had a semester each of Algebra and Geometry.

Tutoring for most of our ACT students will be 30 – 40 hours.

All our students are invited to take practice tests.  We hold these 2x a month on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.

What is the difference between the ACT and the SAT?

  1. The SAT asks for inferences more often than the ACT, while the ACT more often asks for straight “find the detail” questions.
  2. ACT Math is more straightforward.  It is closer to what students get in their classroom math textbooks.
  3. ACT Math includes some higher level concepts not on the SAT
  4. Neither the SAT nor the ACT tests calculus, and the SAT has thus far included very few trigonometry questions.
  5. SAT Math has one section where calculators are not permitted.
  6. The ACT has a full Science Reasoning section; the SAT incorporates some basic science in 2 to 5 Verbal questions.
  7. Neither ACT nor SAT invokes Science that requires prior textbook study. The experiments presented can be understood without a biology, chemistry or physics background. Reasoning skills are more important than science knowledge for success on both these tests.
  8. The SAT ordering is: 65 minutes Reading, 35 minutes Grammar, 25 minutes Math without calculator and 55 minutes Math with calculator. An optional 50 minute Essay is at the end.  The ACT ordering is:  45 minutes Grammar, 60 minutes Math, 35 minutes Reading, 35 minutes Science Reasoning.  An optional 40 minute Essay is at the end.
  9. The SAT currently has a short “equating “section that students must take if they are not sitting for the Essay. The ACT has no equating section.
  10. The SAT is less likely to grant a student extra time for a learning difference than the ACT. Both the SAT and ACT cave when parents squawk enough about not getting extra time.
  11. Over 95% of colleges super-score the SAT. Only about 50% of colleges super-score the ACT. Super-scoring is an advantage to all students taking the same test multiple times.
  12. The SAT uses higher level vocabulary in its Reading Comp questions and answers. Though it does not test vocabulary directly as it did in the old “Sentence Completions”, a better vocabulary almost certainly leads to more SAT point compared with ACT points.

Should I take the SAT or ACT?

The tests are similar. No college requires one over the other, and to our knowledge, no college has a preference. ACT remains a bit broader in content. ACT to a slight degree tests knowledge a bit more than resourcefulness.