TOEFL Reading Strategies for Success

social-checklistTOEFL Reading Strategies for Success
1. Read the first (topic sentence) and last sentence (concluding sentence) of every paragraph to get a better sense of what each paragraph is about
2. Then ask yourself “What is the paragraph about?” and “What the function of the paragraph, what important information does the author want us to know?”
3. Then label each paragraph so that we can go to the relevant paragraph more quickly when answering the questions. Write down one or two words that tells what the paragraph is about. So, when you go to answer a question specific to that subject, you will be able to find the paragraph easily.
4 Look at the questions but don’t look at the answers because you don’t want the answers to influence us. When you find the section of the paragraph, which has the answer, paraphrase it (put it in to our own words) and then compare your words to the answer choices.
5.Break down longer sentences in to shorter ones by putting it into our own words and crossing off the words which were not important. Then underlining the key words that we important. Underlining dates, times, and names

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