Quizlet, Not your Mom & Dad’s Kind of Rote Learning.

Quizlet is an online learning tool. Students and teachers can create sets of terms and descriptions to memorize, and the good news is that it is free.  It is free for students to search for, an create sets of terms and definitions to study. When using Quizlet, students interact with the terms and definitions differently. They are more actively involved with the information to be learned.  They do this by using six different study modes:

  1. Flashcards: Students and teachers can create flashcards and review them
  2. Fill in the Blank:  Students and teachers can create fill in the blank questions, which is effective for practicing spelling.
  3. Speller:  Students have to type what they hear.
  4. Test: Students can select the following formats of questions when reviewing the terms. Written: where the student has to type the answer, Matching: student has to match the term with the definition, Multiple Choice: student is given a word and has to select definition, True/False: student chooses if term and definition go together.
  5. Scatter: student has to use the cursor to drag a term to its definition
  6. Gravity: student has to type definitions before the terms disappear.

Tutors and teachers can purchase an account in order to create sets of data to learn and also to monitor their students’ participation and progress. This level of Quizlet costs $25 per year, and it allows educators to create a study set for an entire class of students and then be able to monitor their participation and progress. This feature is valuable for educators to help at-risk students. It is simple for educators to create study sets, and students to use them for studying. Give it a try! https://quizlet.com/

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