Note Taking-Get it Down!!

The very action of writing notes promotes better retention of information. Of course, like everything else in the world, (apologies in advance to the cat lovers) there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Create a K-W-L Chart

This type of chart is easy to draw. All you need to do is draw three columns in your notebook or on a piece of paper. At the top of the first column draw the letter “K” K stands for what you already know. In this column, under the K, list all the things you already know about this topic. At the top of the second column draw the letter “W” W stands for things you want to know about the topic. In this column, under the W, list all the things you want to know about this topic. Lastly, at the top of the third column draw the letter “L” L stands for all the information you have learned after you have studied the topic. In this column, under the L, list all the things you have learned about this topic, after you have studied it. Sample KWL Chart This method helps students to process what they already know about a topic. It is a way of activating prior knowledge and connecting it to new information they are about to learn. Learning is all about making connections.

Create a Map

This is a form of note taking where you create a visual diagram to organize your information. This strategy is effective for those students who are visual learners. In addition to note taking, this method can also be used when brainstorming and outlining. It is a fast and efficient way of organizing information. To create a map, first put the main idea in the center of the page. Then branch supporting ideas off of this main ideas. Further branch supporting ideas into more specific details. You can continue branching until ideas are fully illustrated. See Sample Map

Create A Sentence

This method is often used by students n classrooms where a topic is covered by a teacher very quickly and not in a particular organized way. Using this strategy, you will record every new idea, concepts, fact etc. each on a separate line. You are just recording the information, you don’t have the time to understand it. The understanding will come later. Use abbreviations when recording the information. No need to waste time writing out words in full.


Your teacher says, “A revolution is any occurrence that affects other aspects of life such
as economies, social life, and so forth. Therefore revolutions cause

Your Notes Might Look Like This
Revolution – occurrence that affects other aspects of life; e.g. econ

Here’s to your success!

John Dolan

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