“Active” Study Strategies-Learning By Doing

To be successful, you must take a multi-sensory approach to learning. You must be actively involved with the information, when you are studying. You must be speaking it, writing it, drawing it.

Here are few strategies you can use to make you an “Active Studyer”

  • Explain or describe the topic aloud and, more importantly, in your own words.
  • Explain the information to someone else in a simple way they can understand.
  • On an index card, include vocabulary words, main ideas, examples etc. and keep in your pocket so you can pull it out and review at anytime.
  • Use Quizlet to create flashcards to review. You can download the app on your phone
  • Draw a diagram, map, a sketch, a venn diagram or a KWL chart
  • Brainstorm and write out possible questions that you think will be on the test and answer them in your own words.
  • Answer the 5 W’s relating to your topic. Who is is about? What are the known for? Where they do this? When did they do this? Why did they do this? How did they do this?
  • Create mnemonics, if you have to remember information in a certain order e.g. Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally  to remember the order of operations for solving an equation-Parenthesis-Exponent-Multiply-Divide-Add-Subtract

Active Learning

Here’s to your success!

John Dolan


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