Your Daily Acronym

Create an Acronymic Sentence

This is a simple technique, which you have probably used at least once, already, in your academic career. Use it when you have to remember things in a certain order.

Okay, got it, so How Do You Do It?

Create a sentence using the first letter of each thing you have to remember

Example: Say you have to remember the colors of the rainbow in order. Not sure why you would need to, but who am I to judge?

See, you have already forgotten. They are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

Your sentence might look like

Richard (Red) Of (Orange) York (Yellow) Gave (Green) Battle (Blue) In (Indigo) Vain (Violet)

Or, how about the planets in order? (Now, I’m just showing off)

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus, Neptune,

My (Mercury) Very (Venus) Eager (Earth) Mother (Mars) Just (Jupiter) Sent (Sent) Us (Uranus) Napping (Neptune)

It has to be your sentence, the weirder the better. We always remember the weird stuff, right?

Now you try it with some things that you have to remember. Leave your silly sentence in the comments section. The sentence I deem is the sillyest (sp?) will win a FREE! $5 Dunkin Donuts gift. Good luck!

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