The First Steps to an SAT,ACT Prep. Plan

Now that the holidays are over, Boo!!! Hiss!! It is time to start thinking about how you will use the coming weeks to prepare for the SAT or ACT.

1. What SAT or ACT score do I need?

Find out what SAT or ACT scores are required by the colleges you are applying to. To do this simply go to College Compass 

2. How Close Am I To The Required Score?

Find out by taking an SAT practice test or an ACT practice test

Score it using the answer key and see how close you are to your college’s required score.

Then answer the following questions regarding your score

1.By much do I need to increase my score?

2. How long do I have to prep.for the test?

3. What do I need to prep for the test?

If you need to increase your score by a lot, you may need to seek the assistance of a personal tutors, like those at Fairfield County Test Prep  

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