Building a Masterful Memory-Peg-Words

The pegwords strategy is very helpful when you have to remember things in a certain order.  Anyone of any age can use this strategy for school, work, or in your personal life. Pegwords are words that rhyme with numbers. Here are some possible pegwords for the numbers one through ten.

One rhymes with bun
Two rhymes with shoe
Three rhymes with tree
Four rhymes with door
Five rhymes with hive
Six rhymes with sticks
Seven rhymes heaven
Eight rhymes with gate
Nine rhymes with wine
Ten rhymes with hen

Now take each number and substitute it with each word that rhymes with that number. Now put those words in to a story with whatever you have to remember in a certain order.

For example, if you have to remember the order of the planets in the Solar System ( Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) you would make up a story using the words in place of the numbers. So, you story might look like something like this

One day a man wanted to bake a BUN, so it put it in the oven until the MERCURY in the thermometer went up high. It was as hot as VENUS so he used his SHOE to carry it outside to put under a TREE on the EARTH. His dog named MARS quickly  ran out the DOOR to eat it but he didnt notice the HIVE of bees in the JUPITER tree. Luckily, some STICKS were thrown from a passing SATURN car in to the yard to distract the dog but hit the dog in his URANUS, killed him and he went to HEAVEN. There he was met at the GATE by NEPTUNE who said “Good dog”.

The sillier and more ridiculous the story, then the more you’ll be inclined to remember it. Now you try, and more importantly have fun doing it.

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