Loci Strategy-A Memory Strategy We Could All Use. No Norse Gods included.

Loci Strategy

Loci is the plural form of locus, meaning place. The loci strategy is based on your familiarity with a place, such as your home. The strategy helps you remember lists of items through organization, visualization, and association.

Step 1. Identify a place with which you are very familiar e.g. your bedroom.
Step 2. Close your eyes and imagine that place and all the items in that place e.g. one of the items you might picture in your head is your lamp on your dresser.
Step 3. Associate a thing you have to remember with this lamp on your dresser. e.g. you might have to remember the U.S. presidents in order. So, you might picture George Washington switching on the lamp on your dresser, first thing in the morning.
Step 4. Move on to the next item you might picture in your room. e.g. maybe the bookshelf. So, you might imagine John Adams leaning against your bookshelf, and then move on to the next item with the next president and so on until you have “placed” all the presidents you need to remember at different locations in your room.
To remember the entire list of items, visualize each bedroom item and the association you created for it. The method of loci was invented by the Ancient Greeks, and it is still relevant today. Have fun with this one.


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