SSAT Score Report Explained

Private schools admissions officers have,traditionally, relied more on the percentile scores on the SSAT score report than on the scaled scores.

The scaled scores for each section and total scaled scores are given percentile ranks to show how well you scored compared to other test-takers of the same grade and gender. For instance, if you receive a 60th percentile score on your score report, this means that you performed the same or better than 60% of people who took the test.

Raw Scores
Each question on the SSAT is worth one raw point. Easy questions are worth the same amount of points as hard questions. There are no points taken away for questions you do not answer, and you lose 1/4 of a point for wrong answers. So, the raw score, on your score report, is calculated by subtracting all the 1/4 points from the total of right answer points.

Scaled Scores
Each SSAT has a slightly different scale to account for any small differences between tests. You receive a scaled score for each of the sections: Quantitative, Verbal, and Reading. Your scaled scores are added to create a total score.

Your essay on the SSAT is not scored. Copies of your essay are sent, along with your score report to the private schools which you are applying to.

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