ACT Tips and Tricks to Improve your Score


In the sentence errors questions,  read the sentence or paragraph carefully while looking to see if the subject and verb agree i.e. if the subject is singular then the verb should be singular. Also, check to see if the pronoun and noun agree. If noun is singular then pronoun should be singular and also check the verb against the pronoun. Singular pronoun then singular verb.

Mathematics-Multiple Choice Questions

Substitute numbers for variables, use small numbers like 2, 3, and 4. It helps you see the question more clearly. Also, plug in the answers choice in to the questions. The numbers in the answer choices always go from least to highest. Start with the middle number, if it is too high then you can automatically elimate it plus the answer choices that come after it. Vice versa, it is is too low then you can eliminate it plus the answer choices before it.


Focus on the big ideas in each paragraph. Underline the first and last sentence, as you read, to help you find the big idea. Just down, in the margin, a word or two to sum of each paragraph.

Science Reasoning

Don’t be confused by irrelevant information or technical terminology. Confuse on the relationship between variable. Do they have a negative relationship? Does one increase while the other decreases? And Why? Or is the relationship positive? When one increases the other increases?

Writing  (Optional)

You will be writing the traditional five paragraph essay:  introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

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