SAT Math Tips of the Day

1. Replace Variables with Numbers When there are variables in the answer choices then replace the variables with numbers. Stick with small numbers like 2, 3 and 4. It will make it a lot easier to calculate the answer.

2. Work Backwards After you have read the question, choose the middle answer and plug that in to the question. In the example below, this would be “16” After you plug “16” in to the answer, if you find it is too large a number then you can automatically eliminate it plus all the answers which come after it i.e. ’20” and “24” OR vice versa if it is too small. You will see that numeric answer choices on the SAT go from least to greatest.   E.G.  A. 8          B. 12          C. 16          D. 20          E. 24

3. Know Math Vocabulary    “is” means equal =   “Of” means multiply X 4. Know Your Calculator   Say you get an answer and it is in decimal form and the answer choices are in fractions. On your calculator, just hit “math” button then hit “enter” and then you will get the “fraction function” and it will convert the decimal in to a fraction    

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