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About Fairfield County Test Prep. LLC

We’re John Dolan And Amy Dolan, Founders Of Fairfield County Test Prep.  After several years of classroom teaching and tutoring in both public and private schools, we decided to take the next step and staring our test preparation service.

As the first of our children entered middle school, and we saw how valuable one on one tutoring has been for him,we knew this is an important service to offer to the community.

So We Decided To Do Something About It.

We educated ourselves. we sought out expert counsel of educators, guidance counselors, principals, and even other test prep. services owners. we have looked at innovating test prep. programs that have been developed in other parts of the US, as well as other parts of the world.   And we talked to parents and teenagers too.  Armed with all of that knowledge and insight, we developed what we believe is one of the most innovative, comprehensive and effective test prep. experiences available in this area.

We Call Our Company Fairfield County Test Prep.

In 2017, we opened Fairfield County Test Prep. in our hometown of Redding,Connecticut.  Our in home tutoring service provides students in Fairfield County with the skills they need to be successful. l

We’re proud to say that we’ve helped 100’s of students attain their academic goals. We are committed to developing individualized programs tailored to the unique learning styles and academic needs of each and every student.

We Have Spent 25 Years In Teaching and Tutoring

Today, we feel out teaching and tutoring experience can be put to better use by a one on one personal experience for students at a local level. In founding Fairfield County Test Prep, we wanted to create a business that would let us own our future, while doing good for the students in our community. Ultimately, we are on a mission to reinvent test preparation in America.  We know that Fairfield County Test Prep. creates a more personable and engaging test preparation experience.

-John And Amy 

Meet A Few Of Our Instructors

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